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Ostrich eggs

They are the largest existing today, second only to that of the extinct "Elephant Birds" of Madagascar. The shell has a thickness of 4 mm and the weight varies between 1200g and 1700g, corresponding to approximately 24 chicken eggs. These eggs can be used both in gastronomy and for decorating. In cooking are great for preparing the fresh pasta, cakes, and one egg is sufficient for a 12 people omelette. The high protein and low in cholesterol means that these eggs are more digestible than chicken ones.

Uova di struzzo

These eggs are beautiful left natural because of their white and shiny shell, but so are when they are decorated by hand or with decoupage, by any decorative pattern. With the eggs you can produce some very original items such as lamps, door-joys, piggy banks and jars.

Uova di struzzo