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Among all the exotic skins, the ostrich is surely one of the most expensive and popular, second only to that of the crocodile. The first element that distinguishes this skin than other animals is that it presents three types of "decorative": skin of the back is covered with dark hair follicles, this is the part where the feathers were inserted, is considered the most valuable and is called "diamond" for its shape.

Pelli di struzzo

The skin that goes beyond the diamond has no follicles, is smooth, durable, but less valuable, as almost indistinguishable from that of the calf and kid. Finally the skin of the legs has the characteristics scales, which is also very valuable and used. Another important aspect is the high susceptibility to dyeing with about 100 different shades. This skin is very flexible, moisture resistant, easily workable. The total area that can be gained from a bird is between 1.1 and 2m.

Pelli di struzzo