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Who we are

Laos was founded in 1997 by De Tommaso family, already engaged for years in other animals herd and in agriculture of biological products. Today we are one of the greatest Italian companies for number of animals raised and slaughtered.

A picture of the farm

Our headquarter is in Laino Castello (Cosenza - Italy), in the Pollino National Park, so we have wide and extremely quiet place that ensures a regular deposition for breeding ostriches and high fertility of eggs. The company produces most of the grains, cereals and alfalfa, which constitute the staple food of ostriches. The diet of the animals is set on a scientific basis and supported by a constant control of veterinary specialists.

With the introduction of Circular 3 of 9 March 1998, we had a chance to slaughter ostriches here in our company with the advantage of making less expensive transport and having a better quality of meat. With the increase in demand for meat in Italy and abroad, between late 2005 and early 2006, Laos has agreed to extend and modify its corporate structure to apply for EEC recognition. Today Laos has a slaughterhouse and meat cutting plant recognized by the EEC mark.