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For the cutting of the meat we adhere to the cuts listed below. By denomination and its characteristics, the meat is cataloged in: Fan Fillet, Premium Fillet, Steak, Clipperings e Half.

Dettaglio tagli di carne

Fan Fillet Fan Fillet (N. 6)
Average Weight: 1,3 Kg

Eye Fillet Eye Fillet (N. 12)
Average Weight: 0,4 Kg
Tournedo Tournedo (N. 13)
Average Weight: 0,25 Kg
Oyster Fillet Oyster Fillet (N. 5)
Average Weight: 0,25 Kg
Long Fillet Long Fillet (N. 16)
Average Weight: 0,3 Kg
Tender Loin Tender Loin (N. 7)
Average Weight: 0,6 Kg

Triangle Steak Triangle Steak (N. 11)
Average Weight: 0,45 Kg
Small Steak Small Steak (N. 14)
Average Weight: 0,15 Kg
Rump Steak Rump Steak (N. 1)
Average Weight: 1,15 Kg
Long Steak Long Steak (N. 15)
Average Weight: 0,3 Kg
Moon Steak Moon Steak (N. 8)
Average Weight: 0,7 Kg
Big Drum Steak Big Drum Steak (N. 10)
Average Weight: 1,3 Kg
Flat Drum Steak Flat Drum Steak (N. 2)
Average Weight: 1 Kg

Ritagli Clipperings
Average Weight: 0,15 Kg

Half bone
Average Weight: 0,15 Kg

Following cutting the meat is cleaned from fat and nerves and is vacuum packed. This operation keeps unchanged the quality and preserves the freshness of the product.