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Characteristics of meat

We are all accustomed to associate the white meat to the birds, but though the ostrich is one of them, his meat is not white but red, like the fillet of beef. The presence of glycogen gives the meat a sweet flavor, similar to that of the horse. The meat is very tender, lean and is richer than all the other known meats in correctnutritional values.

  • Low fat: the value of fat does not exceed 1.9%. Being a lean meat, the proportion of cholesterol is around 38mg per 100g of food, while for example in the meat of turkey is around 8% lipids and the proportion of cholesterol is around 68mg per 100g of food.
  • Little sodium: the value of sodium is around 51mg per 100gr of food, a value similar to that of the turkey but less than beef, chicken and pig.
  • Rich in Omega-3: Omega-3 is 8/9 times more than beef and 70/80 times more than the white meat. This substance is precious to combat hypertension, heart disease and to protect the body.
  • Rich in protein: in 100gr of food there are about 19/22% protein.
  • Rich iron: in 100gr of meat the value of the iron touches the 3.7 mg, higher than chicken, turkey and beef. For the high content of iron the ostrich meat is recommended for athletes, kids, pregnant women and those who want a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Rich in vitamins: ostrich meat is high in niacin, vitamin PP (7.9 mg per 100g) and vitamin A and C, not present in other types of meat.
  • Contains carnitine: this substance promotes the oxidation of fatty acids.
  • Contains creatine: the substance improves the energy metabolism of the heart in case of failure or ischemic heart disease.

From what was stated above, it is evident that this meat is excellent both for an healthy diet and to combat some diseases. For its nutritional and culinary quality the ostrich meat has nothing to envy to the traditional meat.

Water 75,4 70 75 73-75
Fat 1,2 15,2 14,7 1-3
Protein 21,7 18-28 18-22 23-24
Cholesterol 37,8 80-105 63 64-90
Iron 3,7 0,9 1,65 0,9
Calcium 6,1 10 10 8-17
Calories 104,7 319,3 157,2 114,4