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Cattle Breeding

Laos, besides being one of the greatest ostrich meat sellers in Italy also has a second business, cattle farming.

The climatic and environmental conditions of our region are well suited for animal husbandry, so as to be the main economic activity of Calabria.

Our farm is defined in tethering, that is made from a stable devided in different boxes with access to the outside fenced area.

The animals live in stable throughout the period of fattening.

The main feed is made from products grown on the farm: hay, barley, corn and bran. The goal of our breeding aims fattening and selling cattle.

Foto bovini Foto bovini (foto 1)
Foto bovini (foto 2) Foto bovini (foto 3)
Foto bovini (foto 4) Foto bovini (foto 5)
Foto bovini (foto 6) Foto bovini (foto 7)